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Head Judge: Dorwin Anderson
Dorwin started training dogs as an 11-year-old boy. Some years later, he was selected IGP trial helper multiple times at the Regional and National Levels. As a handler, he has competed multiple times at Regional, National, and World Levels.

Dorwin obtained his GSSCC IGP Judge licence in 2014 and his CWDF one in 2020 as the CWDF IGP Judge's Program launched. He has judged many club trials in Canada and the United States and was honoured to be one of the Dutch Shepherd IGP World Championship Judges in 2019. He was also the tracking judge at the 2021 CWDF all-breed IGP & FH nationals.

IGP Tracking: Darin Clarke (Canada)
Darin has been involved in the dog sport for over 26 years. He started as a handler with a puppy which he went to the WUSV World Championship with. 
He has trained four dogs from puppy to IGP 3, competing at the GSSCC Canadian Championships and making the WUSV World Team with all of them. He is currently training his competition dog Lex Luther Vom Mack-Zwinger (IGP2) towards an IGP 3 when his injury heals. 

Darin began working as a training and trial helper very early on which allowed him to be a helper at many club and regional trials and a helper twice for the Canadian Championships. He was helper director for many years implementing the GSSCC Helper Program which is currently used. He has been training director and President at Fundy Schutzhund Club, East Regional Chairperson, GSSCC Director and currently President of the GSSCC and training director for the Fundy Schutzhund Club.
He and his wife Mia and I breed German Shepherd Dogs since 2007 under the name Kleinenberg Kennels an have gone to the Canadian German Shepherd Championships and qualified for Team Canada with their own handler bred and trained dogs.
He started his Apprenticeship to become a GSSCC Judge in 2017 and finished all the requirements within a year to become GSSCC Performance Judge # 12 and CWDF Judge #8. He is currently an Apprentice GSSCC Breed Judge # 1.

I am honored to judge tracking at this year’s Canadian Working Dog Federation Nationals and wish every handler success and hope they reach their goals with their K-9 partner!

IGP Obedience-Protection: Rinus Bastiaansen (Belgium)
Rinus became an FCI judge in 2003 and has since judged numerous Club, Regional, National and International Championships including 2014 WUSV UniversalSieger, 2017 WUSV World Championship, 2018 FMBB World Championship, and 2021 Malinois Club of Germany (DMC) National Championship.
He breeds German Shepherds under the kennel name Von der Daelenberghütte.

As a judge, my special attention goes out that the dogs that work in the different phases as described:
Tracking: with a deep nose, independent, intense and concentrated work,
Obedience: fast, happy, cheerful and correct work,
Protection: independent, self sure, courageous work with hard, calm and full grips combined with intense guarding.
Working-dog profile: https://www.working-dog.com/user/Rinus-Bastiaansen-36533

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the possible cancellation of this year's FCI IGP World Championship, the CWDF may reschedule its All-breed IGP & FH National Championship to later in the Fall. Decision shall be made in the begining of May.
Canadian Working Dog Federation 2021 IGP & FH All-breed National Championship